Looking for Interpretation Services in Montreal ? 819-527-5982. Online Interpretation Specialists Abitibi-Temiscamingue Quebec.

SM-Global is devoted to creating tailored to fit events, from the opening speech to the closing ceremony. We specialize in in Person, Online Video Conferencing and Hybrid Formulations with or without interpretations services in Montreal Abitibi-Temiscamingue Quebec.

Why Choose SM-Global ?

We could immediately mention strong marketing words such as “Integrity, Focus, Satisfaction, etc.” but, all companies will mention key words and use them in their sales pitch to reassure you that you’ll receive guaranteed satisfaction and results. So, SM-global uses another angle to share its vision with you. You will not turn to SM-Global for your Communication and Entertainment needs because of a bunch of fancy words.

But one thing will, our tight knit and very dedicated team of industry professionals and our adaptive quick on our feet attention-based approach. Our clients know it is with confidence that we deliver our message to you, with a standardized approach offering a full service dedicated to conference style meetings, Online Conferencing and Hybrid Conferencing platforms. From a single keynote speaker to a full round table discussions (virtual and in person), here you will find all you need for any of your interpretation needs and more.

Serving all of Quebec, (Canada, US and Overseas) with offices in the city of Val-d’Or from the Abitibi Témiscamingue region, and Montreal. Be sure to check out our wide array of services. Ranging from Interpretation services, Entertainment services, and Audio-visual services.

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