Simultaneous Interpretation Wedgeport 

Services that accommodate all possible situations

We live in a fast-paced world, where international communications have increased thanks to a growing global network. To face this new reality, successful enterprises must find ways to interpret and improve communications with their clients and employees. SM-Global is a third-party organization whose goal is to ease communication needs through interpretation services. Our interpreting services are built for a single purpose: to accommodate you in all situations whether they be casual or professional events.

Simultaneous interpretation is a very difficult type of translation to master because it requires immediate oral language reflexes. SM-Global offers professional and high-quality simultaneous interpretation services with experienced translators who provide an exemplary service with their wealth of knowledge.

Our goal at SM-Global is to deliver a professional, one-on-one interpretation services to our clients, regardless of the situation or location of your event. We take pride in our flexibility when providing a service that is adjustable and easily modified to suit the different needs of our clients. This is possible thanks to the modern and advanced technology we use for simultaneous translation, which gives us the opportunity to be more efficient and flexible.

SM-Global’s interpreters are fully qualified to provide simultaneous translation for your educational or professional conferences in Wedgeport. Furthermore, our state-of-the-art technology offers you top-of-the-line service.

To learn more about how we can accommodate your particular situations and for any other questions or comments.

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What is the difference between simultaneous and consecutive interpreting? 

Speech interpretation can be done in two ways: simultaneous and consecutive interpretation. Despite their differences, both options have the same final objective in mind; to translate and make a speech understandable for everyone, but let’s see what differentiates them.

Simultaneous interpretation is the translation of a speech that is interpreted as the speaker speaks. This form of interpretation requires a lot of equipment; for the interpreter a headset and a microphone, for the audience a listening device.

In consecutive interpretation, the translator listens to the speaker’s speech and then interprets it into the target language. No equipment is required for this method of interpretation. Often for consecutive interpreting, translators like to take notes to remember the speech when they reproduce it.

How simultaneous interpretation is performed?

Simultaneous interpretation is one of the most difficult methods of oral translation and interpretation. To accomplish simultaneous translation, you must master both languages and this requires a lot of practice to improve linguistic reflexes.

Personalized and Differentiated Approaches to Interpretation to Support All Your Needs

We truly believe in the importance of providing the necessary tools for organizations to create an efficient communication environment for work. By providing multiple approaches to interpretation, SM-Global is able to help any type of organization who find themselves with different interpreting needs. When choosing SM-Global, you have the advantage of picking the perfect form of interpreting from our wide variety of services.

1. Standardized interpreting approach

The standardized approach is the classic interpretation approach, where a face-to-face meeting between two or more individuals requires direct translation. It is a simultaneous service that can be found, and is often required, in meetings and conferences, legal or medical appointments, community events and much more.

2. Interpretation tools for touristic needs

The tourism industry is growing very fast. It is an industry where people from different backgrounds and who speak different languages want to learn. In order to enable this transfer of knowledge, SM-Global is available to provide hearing aids for tourist attractions where listeners can choose from a wide variety of languages. Tourists can listen to presenters with headphones in their chosen language greatly enhancing their experience outside their home country.

3. Proximity Interpretation Services

At SM Global we also offer a proximity interpretation service. Our closed-door interaction is offered to those who need the information interpreted to remain confidential. We have found that this type of interpretation is often used for small business meetings or private consultations with personal information. Our interpreters are sworn to confidentiality and we provide a discreet and trustworthy service.

4. SM-Global’s immersive interpretation services

For clients that are looking for a much more immersive experience, we offer specialized mimicking interpretation. This translation involves simultaneous interpretation where, the specialized interpreter will shadow a client through an immersive experience.

For example: an organized internal symposium, a one on one business meeting in a restaurant, or even a social gathering.

interpretation-simultanee-quebecChoose our professional, experienced, and qualified interpreters

SM-Global is proud to employ amongst the best simultaneous interpreters in the industry. For us, expertise goes hand in hand with professionalism, which is why it is crucial that our linguists possess superior knowledge of specific disciplines. Each linguist is highly specialized in individual areas of expertise and is qualified for all your events, including complex subjects with distinctive terminology such as medicine, law, mathematics, technology, and much more.

The advantage of Choosing SM Global as Your Simultaneous Interpreter in Wedgeport

At SM-Global, we always strive to provide the best service to our clients. We are dedicated to discovering new translation methods and trends for a modern and constantly updated service. When you choose SM Global for your simultaneous translation, you are guaranteed to receive work that exceeds your requirements and needs. It is important that we stand out and that our services are incomparable and unmatched by our competitors.

Advanced interpretation technology

One of the advantages of choosing SM Global for your interpretation is that you will benefit from high quality technology. We use advanced simultaneous interpretation technology to allow us to accommodate all of our clients’ different needs. With our specialized microphones, there is no need for an interpretation booth, the translator can be in the same room and translate without disturbing the people in the audience.

Web & App based approach

The web and app-based approach is a completely different and new approach to providing interpretation services. This requires all participants to have an application on their mobile device to act as receivers. We are able to ensure high quality audio with specialized microphones that isolate the interpreter.

This means that the interpreter can interpret simultaneously within the same room as the speakers and the listeners without bothering anyone.

With our modern tools and equipment, we have steadily increased the localization range of clients we can reach and serve. We are now able to accommodate people in all of North America as it allows our clients to use their own mobile devices to listen to the interpretations. Localization is no longer a problem and interpreting has never been easier than with SM-Global’s approach!

Hybrid Conference Platforms

In today’s new age of videoconferencing, it is important to adapt to the new tools and newly found needs of videoconferencing users. SM-Global offers versatility in this field.

How can investing in interpretation help your company?

When you use our interpretation services, you are investing in the well-being of your own organism. It is well known that including interpretation services at events helps create a trustworthy environment for all guests involved. When an interpreter is present, their interpreting services reduce the potential misunderstandings that language barriers often create amongst attendees. Having an interpreter assures you that all members and participants feel included and are receiving the same information.

Furthermore, concerns can be addressed quickly and this navigating of errors assures better results and long-term participation from your attendees. When you invest in communications you are investing in all relationships that comprise your organization and you are fostering the development and mission that your organization stands for. Finally, you are investing in the betterment of your potential growth and harmony amongst the peers working collectively.