Shawn Malone – President & Chief Interpreter


Shawn Malone, President and Chief interpreter at SM-Global
  • 9 years of work as a professional interpreter, online or in person.
  • 12 years working in the entertainment industry and event organization
  • 4 years as president and creative director at SM-Global

Shawn Malone has built the foundation of his career on one simple word: “Reputation”. Being a communication and entertainment company, we here at SM-Global know that spoken word are of great importance and have a tremendous impact for a message to be heard or expressed. Despite being a relatively new company, SM-Global has already acquired the reputation of offering a quick, easy-access and customized service with an innovative, adaptive and rejuvenated approach to the “goods delivered to your doorstep” model.

I am convinced that the key to real change in the world we live in is achievable through 3 principles that must all work synergistically. “Education, Communication and Action” – Shawn Malone