Our team can provide you with everything you need for the on-site installation of a professional interpretation system with booth, mixers, transmitters and portable headsets for the participants in the room.

We even developed a unique system to allow for the application of hybrid interpreting systems that allow for both online and on-site broadcasting of our interpreters using a videoconferencing platform. Specialized Technicians will orchestrate the equipment.

Whatever your needs, we will be pleased to accompany you every step of the way for optimal interpretation quality.

  • Indigenous Communities
  • Canadian Federal Agencies
  • Forestry Associations in Abitibi-Témiscamingue
  • Universities
  • Scientific Events
  • Private Companies

Online conference and webinar

Technology now allows us to connect with each other no matter how far apart we are. The advantage of being able to work together online save time and money in our already busy lives.

SM-Global rents their licenses for the ZOOM platform in order to organize your conferences and webinars. The services of a specialized technician will be on hand to ensure the development of your interactions runs smoothly.

We offer to host general assemblies for all key actors and/or all participants prior to your online webinars and conferences.

Our team is also available for consultations regarding the ZOOM videoconferencing platform to answer any specific questions about the dashboard and other technical components.


Conference sound system and amplification

Sound quality is an important aspect of communication that makes the difference between professional results and an unsatisfactory one. Conferences, meetings, corporate events, and general assemblies all need a way to amplify the human voice to ensure that regardless of the size of the room, keynote speakers and all parties will be heard, ensuring clear communication for all.

SM-Global helps you achieve your audio installation goals with equipment brought directly to your location by our experienced technicians. Amplification systems including microphones, audio mixers, and high fidelity speakers will ensure that your event will sound as clear as possible.

SM-Global specializes in on-site amplification and system installation for audiences of up to 150 people. Our experience serves to enhance the quality of your event with professional equipment and a keen eye for detail.

Should you have questions about the realization of an audio installation, our technicians will be happy to answer any and all questions.


Your videos or audio files can be adapted to the language of your choice without the need for subtitles. Our recording studio can accommodate voice actors to record an audio track in a different language than the original. Through audio post-production software, our technicians will mix the audio files to give an organic and clean sound to fit your sonic needs.

Documents Translation

For your technical, legal and private documents, SM-Global uses OTTIAQ (Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec) certified translators to translate them.


Host / MC services

If you need to spice up your event, SM-Global can provide you with energetic MCs and entertainers that will delight your guests.

Keynote speaker services

If you are a public speaker looking for a turnkey service for your event, SM-Global can provide you with professional audio installations. Let us assure the ambiance and interpretation services to let you be heard, seen and most importantly understood.

All you will need is to focus on your program and event, we will take care of the rest.

Live band & DJ services

Professional Audio installations for Live Music and Dj’s can all be handled with our team of professional stage and sound technicians.

Lighting and visuals

Need ambiance for your party? SM-Global can provide you with the necessary lighting equipment to embellish any event.

From spotlights to light shows, smoke and lasers, we can help you create the perfect atmosphere.