The Professional Interpretation Services You Need

The Professional Interpretation Services You Need

We live in a fast-paced world, where international communications have increased thanks to a growing global network. To face this new reality, successful enterprises must find ways to interpret and translate some interactions. SM Global is a third-party organization whose goal is to ease communication and attend entertainment needs through interpretation. Our interpreting services are built for a single purpose: accommodate you in all situations, whether they be casual or professional events. 

Personalized and differentiated approaches to interpretation to support all your needs

We truly believe in the importance of providing the necessary tools for organizations to create an efficient communication environment to work. By providing multiple approaches to interpretation, SM Global is able to help any type of organization who may find themselves with different interpreting needs. When choosing SM Global, you have the advantage of picking the perfect form of interpreting for your needs from our wide variety of services. 

1. Standardized interpreting approach

The standardized approach is a classic interpretation approach, where a face-to-face meeting between two or more individuals requires direct translation. It is a simultaneous service that can be found, and is often required, in meetings and conferences, legal or medical appointments, community events and much more. 

2. Interpretation tools for touristic needs

The tourism industry is an environment where people from diverse origins and often speaking different languages want to learn. In order to allow this transfer of knowledge, Sm Global  provides hearing aids in touristic attractions, where visitors are able to choose from a wide variety of different languages. This enables tourists to listen to presenters with headphones in their preferred language, which greatly improves their experience

3. Close quarter interpreting services

Our closed quarter interaction is offered to those who need the information interpreted to stay confidential. This is often used for smaller business meetings or private consultations with personal information. Our interpreters are sworn to confidentiality and we provide a professional service that is trustworthy and honourable. 

4. SM Global’s immersive interpretation services

For clients that are looking for a much more immersive experience, we offer specialized mimicking interpretation. This translation involves simultaneous interpretation where, as one present, an interpreter will be translating at the same time. 

Advantages of working with SM Global

A major issue with interpretation is finding an interpreting service that is willing and able to travel to the event destination to perform the translation. Localization has always been an issue in interpretation services and, at Sm Global, we were able to minimize this problem. Thanks to the use of modern tools and equipment, we can find solutions to different situations/locations you may find yourself in. 

Web & App based approach

The app-based approach is a completely different approach to providing interpretation services than what many enterprises are offering. This requires all participants to have an application on their mobile device to become the receivers. We are able to ensure high quality vocals with a specialized microphone that acts as both an insulator and isolator. This means that the interpreter can interpret simultaneously within the same room as the speakers and the listeners without bothering anyone. 

With our modern tools and equipment, we have steadily increased the localization range of clients we can reach and serve. With our application,  we are now able to accommodate people in all of North America, as it allows our clients to use their own mobile devices to listen to the translation. Localization is no longer a problem and interpreting has never been easier than with SM Global’s approach! You will be satisfied when you make a deal with us as our capacity to adapt is “unheard” of in the industry.

How can investing in interpretation help your company?

When you use our interpretation services, you are investing in the well-being of your own entity. It is now known that including interpretation services at events helps create a trustworthy environment for all guests involved. When an interpreter is present, their translating services also reduce the potential misunderstandings that language barriers could build amongst attendees. Having an interpreter assures you that all members are on the same page and that all concerns can be addressed quickly. 

Looking for interpretation?

Using SM Global’s interpreting services will ensure that your events will unfold in a pleasant way for all guests which helps build a strong brand awareness. We offer a broad range of expert services that will cover your every need, whether it is a standard interpreting for court or social services, confidential meetings or touristic sites! For long distances or online meetings, our web and app-based approach will provide you with high-quality and reliable translation for your deals to be a success. 

For additional information, do not hesitate to reach out to us, our team of experts will be happy to provide you with their knowledge. Start making your enterprise as inclusive and successful as possible today!