Shawn Malone has built the foundation of his career on one simple word “Reputation” This is a communications and entertainment company, we here at SM-Global know that spoken words, are of great importance and have a tremendous impact in a message being heard or expressed. Despite being a relatively new company, SM-Global has already acquired the reputation of offering a quick, easy-access and customized service with an innovative and rejuvenated approach to the “Goods Delivered to your Doorstep” model.


SM-Global firmly believes in grassroots organizations and the power of change through communication, education and action. Too often we hear members of government or non-profit organizations raise this recurring problem that hinders effective work procedures or success for both individuals and programs.

This problem is working in “silos”; in other words, an approach that is more individual than cooperative. Our mission consists of helping organizations coordinate their events, such as meetings, conferences and hearings, within the same site and same time frame in order to enhance communication and strengthen relationships. The main objective is to create a real communications environment that frees us from the world’s distractions during your event. And why not conclude this event with an evening of festivities?

I am convinced that the key to Real Change in the world we live in or your business, is achievable through 3 principles that must all work synergistically. “Education, Communication and Action” – Shawn Malone