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SM-Global firmly believes in grassroots organizations and the power of change through communication, education and action. Too often we hear members of government or non-profit organizations raise this recurring problem that hinders effective work procedures or success for both individuals and programs. This problem is called working in “silos”; in other words, an approach that is more individual than cooperative. Our mission consists of helping organizations coordinate their events, such as meetings, conferences and hearings, within the same site and same time frame in order to enhance communication and strengthen relationships. The main objective is to create a real communication environment that frees us from the world’s distractions during your event. 

Advantages of working with us

A major issue with interpretation is finding an interpreting service that is willing and able to travel to the destination where the event is taking place in order to perform the translation. Localization has always been an issue in interpretation services and, at SM-Global, we are able to minimize this problem thanks to the use of modern tools and equipment where we find solutions to different situations/locations you may find yourself in. We can easily refer to our Hybrid Interpretation and conferencing platforms. Due to worldwide changes, newly adapted situations have been created to answer to the growing needs of industries across the planet. At SM-Global, we are proud to offer an affordable and very reliable answer to conferencing in variety of turn key services.

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Using SM-Global’s interpreting services will ensure that your events will unfold in a pleasant and professional way for all guests, which in turn helps build a strong brand awareness. We offer a broad range of expert services that will cover your every need, whether it is a standard interpreting for court or social services, confidential meetings or touristic sites or long distances and online meetings. SM-Global’s approach will provide you with high-quality and reliable communications for your deals to be successful.

For additional information, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our team of experts will be happy to provide you with their knowledge. Start making your enterprise as inclusive and successful as possible today!

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